Get tickets to IFS for a dollar!

65025237The International Food Sample Festival is coming back to PTO and we have tickets! Where can you get them? You can go by Gary Hollinden’s office (REM4C76) in the mornings, or Edward Hart at RAN8B21, if you’re in Madison, visit Yaira Resto at MDE 4D64. You can also come by Coffee Break on Tuesday Jul 12 at 2:30 and buy your tickets as well. So many options! This special pricing is for Affinity Group members only, and it ends on July 15th while supplies last, get yours now!

A minute of silence for Orlando

multi colored candlesJoin us on Tuesday June 14th at 2:45 PM on the front steps of the Madison Building, as we observe a minute of silence to remember the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families. Bismarck Myrick, Director of EEOD and Jim Alstrum-Acevedo, Vice-President of SHPE join us in support. We will follow by a reading of names and singing the National Anthem together. The event will also be streamed live online for those not present on campus.

Capital Pride Celebration June 1-12 in DC!

prideIf you go to one event this June, don’t miss Capital Pride. This year’s theme, “Make the Magic Happen” speaks to the power we have as a community to effect change that strengthens the LBGTA movement locally, regionally, and nationally.  The desire to be a part of this change is a spark that inspires us to avidly pursue equality at every level and work to preserve the victories that we have secured.

The parade on June 11th is expected to last three hours with the last contingent passing 14th and R at 7:30pm. Music and entertainment begins at the announcement stand and review stand at 3:30pm. Then there’s the festival on June 12 and many other events throughout June around the Capital City.

For more information, go to

Around DC: Monthly Federal Globe Happy Hour

Please join Federal GLOBE for its monthly Networking Happy Hour on Thursday, June 2, 2016, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Cobalt.

This event offers a great opportunity to network and socialize with other LGBT Federal employees.  Please help us spread the word; tell your colleagues or bring a friend.

Cobalt is conveniently located in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood at the corner of 17th and R Streets, NW.

Raising Children in a Diverse World coming May 24

Photo of children's hands with rainbow light shining on them.The Office of Human Resources Benefits and Worklife Branch, in partnership with LifeCare, will present a “Raising Children in a Diverse World” webinar from 1-2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 24.   Register at WorkLife4You and use USPTO as the registration code if you’re not already registered on the LifeCare website.
Teaching children about diversity and tolerance is a critical part of parenting today. This seminar will provide information to teach children about diversity.
Join LifeCare Consultant, Ron Precourt as he discusses the following:

  • Helping children to be proud of their heritage
  • Introducing children to other cultures, religions and races
  • Answering tough questions
  • Protecting your child from discrimination
  • How to be a good role model.

All seminars are open to USPTO employees and their family members.

For inquiries related to the “Raising Children in a Diverse World” webinar or other USPTO Wellness events, contact the Compensation and Benefits Division. To view program details visit the USPTO Worksite Wellness online site and select calendar of events.

Learn to Tango!

Click to flyerIntro to Argentine Tango + Practica

Monday May 16th, 2016 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
USPTO Madison Auditorium

Curious about tango? Think you can’t dance? If you can walk, you can tango. Come check out a free tango lesson where you learn from one of DC’s most sought after dancers-Gabriel Medeiros of Tango Mercurio. No partner is required as exercises are group based. Also find out the best (and free) places to discover the Argentine Tango scene in the DC metro area. Snacks will be provided!

Argentine Tango has a special history of usurping the traditional dance roles of ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ and their corresponding gender associations.  Even from its early days in the salons in Buenos Aires, men spent most of their time practicing as ‘followers’ with other men before they earned the rare privilege to dance with women.  Today, top tango stars include acclaimed same-sex dance couple Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella, who tour internationally as teachers and performers, and whose mastery of the dance and commitment to improvisation leaves traditional lead/follow role restrictions in the dust.  Many dance communities offer classes that encourage gender neutral ‘open roles’ in which students work on both leading and following roles.  For example local school Tango Mercurio offers a ‘Leading Ladies’ workshop which teaches women how to lead the dance, and an ‘Abrozo’ workshop which teaches men follower techniques.  These classes ensure people can experience all areas of the dance outside of traditional gender role restrictions and serve a practical purpose in expanding one’s options for potential partners at any given milonga, or dance.

5:00-5:30pm Welcome and Intro – Tango Origins & Modern Tango. Buenos Aires: Tango Orchestras and the Golden Age. Tango Nuevo/Alternative tango. Brief Demo, Modern Tango Structure & Etiquette. Cabeceo, line of dance, improvisation, leading/following: invite/accept. Tango in our Area: Capital Tangueros Google Calendar, terminology: practica vs. milonga; festivals. Beginner-friendly local tango events: MLK library Practica (free), Eastern Market, Pablo’s Practica, Tango Mercurio.

5:30-6:30pm Beginner’s Lesson: The Walking Dance – Walking with the music, partner weight changes, moving in the line of dance, pausing techniques, walking to the cross.

6:30-8:30pm Practica: Open to all dancing to DJ’d music for anyone who wants to practice, with instructors available for guidance; asking and assisting others is encouraged.