IFS Cake Pop Making Party

As you may have heard, the International Food Sample Festival is coming to PTO. This year we’re making cake pops! We need a few baking battle hardy volunteers to join the Cake Pop Making Party on Monday July 17th at 4PM in Alexandria. If you’d like to participate, please click on the link below and we can send you the exact address. Count Me In!

International Food Sample Festival Tickets On Sale Now!

Event FlyerGet Your Tickets to the International Food Sample Festival!

The 2017 International Food Sample Festival will be July 19 from 11:30am – 1:30pm in Madison Auditorium. The food will include: Peruvian chicken, fried yucca, samosas, falafel, chicken biryani, eggplant spread, chicken kabob, vegetarian sushi, pie and ice cream, and more!

Pre-sale tickets for members of participating affinity groups will be available June 26-July 7. Contact one of our ticket sellers, Jennifer Fritz, David Fox, or Yaira Resto. Pre-Sale Prices for Members: 5 for $5 and 10 for $10.

General ticket sales will be available July 10-14. Please see any group’s ticket sellers or look for us by the cafeteria July 11-13. Regular Prices After Jul 7: 1 for $2; 4 for $5; 8 for $10; 10 for $12.

Get tickets to IFS for a dollar!

65025237The International Food Sample Festival is coming back to PTO and we have tickets! Where can you get them? You can go by Gary Hollinden’s office (REM4C76) in the mornings, or Edward Hart at RAN8B21, if you’re in Madison, visit Yaira Resto at MDE 4D64. You can also come by Coffee Break on Tuesday Jul 12 at 2:30 and buy your tickets as well. So many options! This special pricing is for Affinity Group members only, and it ends on July 15th while supplies last, get yours now!

Looking for Volunteers

Chocolate_Cupcakes_with_Raspberry_ButtercreamThe International Food Sample Festival is coming by! Our theme this year is boozy cupcakes! We need a few good members to help us throw a baking party the day before and a few to volunteer and help distribute our food samples at our table.

Baking day is July 28th, and the Festival happens on Wednesday, July 29th. We need to set up at 11:00 AM, start serving from 11:30 to 1:30, then clean up ending no later than 2:00. Are you in?

Count Me In!

Last Day to buy IFS Tickets at half price is tomorrow!

Photo of bruschettaFive tickets for $5 or ten tickets for $10 (One ticket redeemable for one sample serving). These tickets on special member pricing will remain on sale only through August 6th. Our table will feature Italian cuisine samples from an LGBT Owned catering business to include Bruschetta, Italian Meatballs, De-constructed Stuffed Mushrooms, Prosciutto Onion Gorgonzola and Stuffed Campari Tomatoes. Other offerings include Chicken Bririyani and Falafel; Samosas and Korean Dumplings; Mini Beef Patties and Jerk Chicken; Persian Chicken Kabobs; Eggplant Salad; Chicken Gumbo; Lemon Ricotta Kale Dip; Ethiopian Minchetabsh; Chocolate Dipping Station; Roasted Chicken and more! Don’t miss a great deal, contact Larry Sternbane and Michael Tzeng to get your half price tickets before they’re gone!

IFS Tickets on sale now

The International Food Sampling Festival is coming to PTO on August 14! Discounted price tickets are on sale now through the various affinity groups. Contact Larry Sternbane and Michael Tzeng to buy tickets to the festival at half price. Five tickets for $5 or ten tickets for $10 (One ticket redeemable for one sample serving). These tickets on special member pricing will remain on sale only through August 6th. Our table will feature Italian cuisine samples from an LGBT Owned business.


Photo of champagne bottle exploding in celebratory modeAs we are closing in to the Lambda Flyer’s first anniversary, we are launching a new site where all members will be able to check on the latest updates, events and resources available. This format enables more flexibility for all of us on the board of directors to publish content outside the PTO network, giving members the ability to read, communicate and is also available for those who don’t use Facebook as a social platform. Now, please keep in mind this site is still in development, so you might see some changes within the coming weeks.

Now, first order of business, we are in the planning stages for the International Food Sampling event at PTO and we’re happy to report, a couple of local LGBT catering businesses have joined us and have accepted our request to feature their menu. Now it’s time to coordinate and more details about the lineup will be coming out soon. In the mean time, tickets to the event will be on sale shortly so save the date!

In other news, here’s a short reminder for those who wish to extend their federal benefits to their families in light of the Supreme Court ruling on the now defunct Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA). There’s a special 60-day open enrollment period which will end on August 26. Those who wish to enroll their spouses and step children in their Federal health, life, dental and vision insurance, as well as flexible spending accounts and long-term care insurance for family members, don’t forget to go by the Customer Service Center and bring your Marriage License.

Lastly, don’t forget to come down and socialize at the Innovative Grounds Coffee Shop for the bi-weekly Lambda Coffee Break tomorrow at 2:30 PM. Our group gathers in front of the coffee shop at the Madison Building, concourse level.